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Bronzes page 7

Bronze Butterfly Dancer
Female dancer wearing a butterfly costume. She measures 8.5 inches (23.5cm) total height including the onyx base and had a wing span of 6 inches (15.5cm). Silver cold painted enamel patina with black detailing. Condition is good with some expected wear to the patina.

Ref: B135 . . . £685

Italian Bronze Bust
Pretty female bronze bust signed indistinctly, looks like Giaviani? and bearing a foundry stamp. She measures a total height of 11.5 inches (29cm), including the black marble base. Condition is excellent.

Ref: B136 . . . £795

Scarf Dancer by Lorenzl
Austrian green patinated bronze nude dancer - a typical Lorenzl and signed to the bronze socle. Mounted on a Brazilian onyx flared base. Total height 7.6 inches (19cm). Gilt highlighting to her scarf and leaning very slightly to her left otherwise very good condition with no damage or repairs.

Ref: B143 . . . £1,195

The Hunter by Berjean
French stylised bronze figural group of hunter and stag. The figures are mounted on the black marble base which measures approx. 20 inches wide by 3 inches deep and total height of 12.75 inches (51 x 7.5 x 32.5cm). Signed Berjean to the bronze. Condition is good with a few nibbles to the edges of the base. This photograph shows the piece without an arrow in the stag. The original figure has a bronze arrow which screws into the stag, which can be removed. If you require photos of this figure in its original state, with the arrow in the stag, please email me. The figure will be sold complete.

Ref: B145 . . . £695

Hagenauer Style Chinaman
Wonderful stylised macassar and chromed bronze Chinaman measuring 9 inches (23cm) tall, and although unmarked I believe his is by Hagenauer. There is a felt stuck to the underneath and could possibly be hiding the stamp. Condition is very good but he may have originally had a second tray to the other end of his pole.

Ref: B173 . . . £495

Bronze Diana
French bronze archer on a black marble base with unusual cloud and bird detail. Mounted on a black marble base. Unsigned. Good original condition. Measures 20 inches wide, 11.5 inches high and 4.5 inches deep (51 x 29 x 12cm).

Ref: B175 . . . £1,675

Eagle by Salvadori
Huge Italian Eagle clad in metal feathers, mounted on a wooden rock base with lightning bolt metal arrows to the front. There is a metal plate under the base that reads S. Salvadori, Firenze 1955 which may have been added later. He measures 32 inches (82cm) high. In good original condition with a few minor nicks to the paint on the base. A very rare and impressive piece.

Ref: B284 . . . £3,795

Proposal by Lemo
Stylised silvered bronze Pierotte and Columbine statue of a man courting a lady. Mounted on a portorro marble base measuring 8 inches by 3.5 inches deep (20cm x 9) and signed on the end of the base Lemo. You will find other figures by Lemo in the Catley book. Total height is 9 inches (22.5cm). Condition is vintage but very good.

Ref: B313 . . . £695

Rare Water Carrier by Pierre Le Faguays
This is an extremely rare bronze water carrier by Pierre Le Faguays. She has a silver top torso and dinanderie fan detail on her skirt. She is mounted on a gold leaf mosaic base which is signed to the back of the base Le Faguays. She is holding an onyx urn. The total height is 16.5 inches and the base measures 8 inches by 3.5 inches (42cm x 20cm x 9cm). Condition is very good. Price on application.

Ref: B428 . . . £11,795

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